Prodigality 2021

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Style: Barley Wine style ale aged in bourbon barrels

Description: Churning out complexity through time and heat. The solo grain, Maris Otter, brims the mash tun for a long soak. A portion of the first runnings were boiled and reduced, triggering the Maillard Reaction; through which, the vigorous heating of sugars adds a deeper color and flavor. Continuing on with an extended boil to increase said reaction. A prolonged nap of 24 months in bourbon barrels finishes off this luxurious prize. Indulge in Prodigality’s warm embrace with notes of burnt sugar, sweet prune, oak, and leather.

Brewer’s Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Dark red-brown with tan foam
  • Aroma: Toasty caramel, white Port, roasted walnut
  • Palate: Rich toffee, grated nutmeg, fig, wheated bourbon

ABV: 11.2%

Bottle Size: 375 mL / 12.7 oz.

Allotment: 4 per person

Distribution: No

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