Illuminate The Dark Crowler

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Giant Imperial Stout brewed with sweet potatoes, roasted peanuts, benne seeds and sorghum syrup, and conditioned on vanilla beans, cacao nibs, coffee beans and more roasted peanuts. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Good Word Brewing from Duluth, GA.
We started by including hundreds of pounds of roasted sweet potatoes in the mash tun setting the stage for a fun, experimental brew day. We added roasted peanuts, benne seeds and sorghum syrup to the boil kettle. After absolutely crushing fermentation, we sent this beer into the basement cooler to further develop and smooth out. It was here where we added ample amounts of Ugandan vanilla beans and cacao, Ethiopian coffee, and a touch more roasted peanuts. Delectable confectionary aromas jump from the glass that mellow into subtle, earthy jabs. A rich flavorful swallow fades to a medium dry finish, leaving you chasing the next sip.

ABV: 13.5%

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