2023 Ohio Pint Day Glass

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Libbey 16 oz. can glass from Boelter Beverage, reminiscent of a classic beer can, is a clever alternative to the standard pint. Ohio Craft Brewers Association commissioned Amy Kollar Anderson of Nowhere in Particular Cabinet of Curiosities in Kettering to design the 2023 Ohio Pint Day glass.

Artist statement from Amy Kollar Anderson:

“I am honored to design this year’s Ohio Pint Day glass! When I was brainstorming ideas, I thought about looking at the image as you rotated the glass and something that would be light-hearted and whimsical. I pictured a Victorian style chaise and who might lounge there. Visions of a goddess (perhaps Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer?) enjoying a pint came to mind, but she needed something more to create an engaging narrative. As a proud Daytonian, I wanted something to represent my city and thought about our baseball team, the Dayton Dragons. I am also a fan of mythical creatures and Game of Thrones. I concluded that surrounding this lovely lady should be three hungry dragons begging for a sip!”

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