2023 Imperial Scouts Membership


2023 Membership Details

  • Price (as of 2023 signups): $350
  • (18) 375ml bottles
        • (6) different member-exclusive Scout releases giving everyone 3 bottles per release (included with the membership).
  • Options to buy more of the members-only bottles, depending on availability.
  • Exclusive first access to all 2023 bottle releases.
  • First opportunity to renew membership in 2024.
  • Storage for your bottles and merchandise in our cellar.
        • Note: your cellar must be emptied twice during the annual membership; once in the summer and once at the end of the year. Details about emptying your cellar will be provided in a newsletter beforehand. Please expect to empty your cellar at least twice per year as requested.
  • 15% off on all of our merchandise on the online store and the Jackie O’s Taproom.
  • Specialty members-only glassware and sticker (automatically included with the membership).
  • Your choice of a members-only merchandise product:
        •  Choose between a Henley long sleeve shirt or a porcelain bar sign
        • The option to purchase additional members-only merchandise at checkout
  • An opportunity to join us for a soft opening at our Columbus location at the beginning of 2023 – Scout members only, private party! Date TBD.
  • A 2023 end of the year Scout party in our Columbus location, On Fourth, as long as we can safely throw one for you all.
        • WE ARE UNABLE TO COMMIT TO PICK UPS IN COLUMBUS FOR 2023! We are not fully operational yet and cannot currently confidently provide Columbus pick ups. If this changes, all Scouts will be notified.
  • $20 coupon to be used on our online store.
        • The coupon works on all products, including beer and merchandise.
        • To redeem your $20 online store coupon, please use the Scout2023 in the “apply coupon” section of checkout. This coupon is limited to 1 use per member and will not be available to use until January 1st, 2023.
        • You can only use this coupon once, so please choose an order over $20 to use the coupon on.
  • Access to our dedicated membership liaison to:
        • Arrange pickups
        • Schedule proxies
        • Check cellar for bottle counts and any additional information inquired about Scout’s personal cellar
        • Prepare orders for pick up or shipping
        • Ship orders
        • Answer questions



  • All membership transactions will be handled through our online store.
  • Throughout the year, members will be asked to claim their members-only bottles online by “purchasing” free membership bottle products. This way there is an order associated with each bottle so we can ensure everyone receives their beer.


  • Members will also have the opportunity to purchase extra members-only beer, while supplies last, and pre-purchase bottles from all of our 2022 releases.
  • These purchases can be cellared along with the other membership beers.
  • Members will be notified of allotments and whether there will be distribution of the bottles in advance of any Scout sales.
  • If 2022 members-only bottles remain after the initial sale, they will be available to purchase by Scouts until they sell out.


  • Each membership includes a dedicated cellar space that can be emptied at any time with 5 days notice.
  • Bottles are cellared in our warehouse. There will be a mandatory cellar clean out twice a year:
      • There are no exceptions to emptying out your cellars when requested. It is mandatory that at least twice a year, your cellar is emptied. Anything left in your cellars after the provided dates will be forfeited without a refund and will be available for your fellow members to purchase.


  • Members will coordinate with our membership liaison to arrange beer pickups or schedule a pickup through Calendly.
      • A proxy is welcome to pick up your cellar for you; they do not have to be a fellow Scout to be your proxy.
      • Pickups must be arranged with at least 5 days notice.
      • Beer is to be picked up by a member or proxy at the location listed below unless stated otherwise:
            • Jackie O’s Taproom: 25 Campbell St., Athens OH 45701
      • Pickup must be made by someone 21 years of age or older with a valid ID.
  • Please note: Your cellars are not kept at the Taproom and therefore they are not easily accessible. Please do not just show up at the Taproom for your cellar, as your orders will not be there. This is why we ask for 5 days’ notice when scheduling a pickup. We must check all of your orders to make sure they are correct, label the boxes, and transfer the orders from our warehouse to the Taproom.


  • We are able to ship within the state of Ohio, to Virginia, Washington D.C., Alaska, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania (as of December 2021).
  • Shipping fees will apply.
  • Shipping costs are based on the weight of the shipment, the destination, and outside factors such as the UPS daily shipping rates. We do not control the cost of shipping.


  • Monday through Friday the membership liaison will be available at [email protected].
  • Newsletter emailed before all bottle releases.
      • Additional newsletters to serve as reminders, alerts about upcoming dates, events, etc.
  • Private Imperial Scouts Facebook group.
      • Once you become an Imperial Scout, you can request to join the Facebook group. Only members are allowed in the private group.


  • Do not resell bottles.
  • If you’re caught reselling bottles, you will be banned from the Scouts without a refund.
  • Please note that your proxy will not receive emails, newsletter, access to our private Facebook group, discounts, etc. and will only be able to pick up your pre-paid beer and/or merchandise.
  • We reserve the right to send these beers to regional and national events, pop some bottles at members-only parties, and at special events in our locations.


This item is included in your membership. If you would like to purchase additional members-only items, please add them NOW using this link

We will not have overstock of additional members-only merchandise.

2023 Imperial Scouts Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

J. America brand Vintage Brushed Jersey 4 button long sleeve Henley shirt in color black with the 2023 Imperial Scouts logo on the front

  • 100%  brushed combed ringspun cotton
  • Four-button placket


2023 Imperial Scouts Bar Sign

2023 Imperial Scouts bar sign produced by The Porcelain Standard. These signs are a unique "old school" product. The signs are made from steel sheets that get dipped in an enamel and then the enamel is fused to the steel using extremely high heat. Then the signs are screen printed with glass based inks on top of the enamel. Finally, they fuse the inks to the enamel. The Porcelain Standard been making these signs in Ohio since the 1930's.

  • 3 color screen print with white background
  • Exact dimensions TBD, but similar to a 12"x 15" rectangle

In stock