2022 Ohio Pint Day Glass

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This year’s Ohio Pint glass design was created by Northeast Ohio artist Juan Vergara of OCBA member brewery Pulpo Beer Co. and was printed by allied member partner Boelter Beverage. The glass chosen for this year’s promotion is the Libbey Willi Becher 16 oz. glass with a full wrap print.

Artist statement from Juan Vergara:

“My inspiration behind this year’s Ohio Pint Day design was Solidarity. With every struggle the hospitality industry has been through in the past couple of years and as it continues to this day, we shall never forget that lending a helping hand between all of us and sharing our misfortunes and accomplishments we can all survive and overcome. This design is also to inspire those who remain in this hard fought industry to remember why they are in it, to enjoy it, because it is a craft like no other to welcome and pamper customers while providing a great experience. Also, to those who patronize our establishments to be courteous, patient and enjoy themselves, but to also remember to stand in solidarity with your favorite local businesses, because these are who make your communities whole and unique.”

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