2021 Ohio Pint Day Glass

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The Ohio Craft Brewers Association commissioned Columbus artist Jessica Greving to design the 2021 Ohio Pint Day glass, a 16oz ARC Midland stackable glass.

Artist statement from Jessica Greving:
“This pint glass is designed with the beer drinker in mind! It’s meant to be a source of conversation as well as something interesting to explore. Each critter shows personality and many of them are based on small doodles I already had in my sketchbook. Since I grew up with a love of the “I Spy” books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, I found enjoyment in the challenge of hiding things in my artwork. This group of beer drinking, fun-loving animals is all about that feeling you get when you’re people-watching and suddenly see something cool or funny. Finding something new each time you look at an image is a feeling I strive for! I hope this glass will be a part of many new memories made with family and friends now that we’re finally starting to get back to normalcy in 2021. So get out there, drink some good beer, and have a time to remember! Which party animal do you relate to?”

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